Cuban Stock Classic

A classic cigar by all means, The Cuban Stock Classic is composed of a blend of six year aged, mild Dominican tobacco. Its gold toned, Connecticut shade USA wrapper is very distinct in texture...MORE INFO



Cuban Stock Royal Selection

The Cuban Stock Royal Selection is a master blend of the best Dominican grown tobacco using 100% Cuban seeds. Aged in oak barrels for six years, it boasts a dark and silky Ecuadorian wrapper and is full of rich...MORE INFO



Cuban Stock Extra

Full and spicy, The Cuban Stock Extra is composed of 100% Dominican Tobacco grown from 100% Cuban Seeds. It’s phenomenal flavor can be attributed to the specially fermented filler, binder and wrapper as well as...MORE INFO



Cuban Stock Reserve

Hand made in the Dominican Republic, this one of a kind cigar is a blend of rare tobacco, aged in oak barrels with Dominican tree roots for ten years. A golden, Connecticut wrapper completes the fabulous...MORE INFO



Cuban Stock Triumph

Released by Cuban Stock in 2012, The Triumph’s blend is unique in every way. Rolled with ten old tobacco aged in oak barrels and an Ecuadorian wrapper, this cigar offers a complex...MORE INFO




Chubbys are masterfully constructed, immaculately smoking and among some of the first 60 ring-gauged cigars in the industry. Try the mild, nutty Chubby Natural or the bold...MORE INFO



Chubbys Ultimate


A cigar for every smoker who prefers big, bold flavor, The Chubbys Ultimate is composed of Dominican grown Havana tobacco and an Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper. Like its siblings, this decidedly...MORE INFO



Chubbys 3•4•5


Say hello to the newest member of the Chubbys family, the Chubbys 3•4•5. The firm construction, loose draw, and 60 ring gauge of the Chubby is now available in three more sizes. The 3 x 60, 4 x 60, and 5 x 60...MORE INFO



231 Rockhill

Named after the street address of the Cuban Stock Corporate Headquarters in Bala Cynwyd, PA, The 231 Rockhill was released in honor of the facility’s first anniversary. One year later, we are...MORE INFO



Exquisto Double Capa

The Exquisito Double Capa is a truly unique blend. Aged for 8 years in a coffee factory, its medium bodied smoke is smooth and complex. Its intertwined Connecticut and Maduro wrappers provide...MORE INFO



Exquisto Limitado

Composed of the rarest tobacco in the Dominican Republic and handled by our most skillful rollers, the Exquisito Limitado is a robust cigar with notes of earth, leather and spice. Limitados are crafted...MORE INFO



Joya De Havana

The Joya De Havana is a blend of 6 year aged Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco. Finished with a shiny and silky Habano wrapper, this cigar offers...MORE INFO




Authentic and delicious, this premium, flavored cigar is composed of all long filler, aged in above ground wine barrels and set under the Dominican Island sun with natural ingredients. Weeks later, we...MORE INFO



Crown Fuma

Crown Fumas are constructed by hand with a blend of Dominican grown tobacco and finished with a Dominican Havana wrapper. A great medium-bodied, high quality cigar for an excellent value...MORE INFO



Everyday Joe

The Everyday Joe’s sandwich filler is cut and collected from the feet of our long-filler cigars, resulting in a delicious blend with all the age and attention to detail that you would find in any premium smoke...MORE INFO



Gran Almirante

The Gran Almirante "Fat Cigar" is a sixty ring gauge bundle in a class of its own. This medium-bodied cigar is finished with a Criollo wrapper that provides...MORE INFO