Tranquilo 40 Tin

Tranquilo 40 Tin
    Black Forest Cherry
    Blue Sea Blueberry
    French Cognac
    Green Label Mint
    Pina Colada

    Tranquilo 40 Tin

    A wonderful addition to the Delicioso family is the Tranquilo 40 tin. It is a handmade small cigar wrapped in a Connecticut or Dominican Maduro Special wrapper. Tranquilo is mild and creamy and available in 7 flavors.

    Choose from Pina Colada, Rum and Whisky in Connecticut wrapper or Black Forest Cherry, Blue Sea Blueberry, French Cognac and Green Label Mint in DMS Wrapper.

    Cigar Size:
    4 x 30

    Cigar Wrapper:
    Connecticut / Dark Maduro Special

    QTY Per Package:
    5 tins of 10 (50)